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ATB BB Series 12: A year down the line...

It was last August 26th, that I tentatively began my journey on a new way of eating. What started off as Atkins, slowly incorporated more nutritional learnings from the lifestyles of Low Carb, Paleo, Weston A Price & Wheat Belly diets.

And what a year it has been. A year where I lost almost 40 kgs. I say almost because I didn't weigh myself before the diet. I had weighed myself around two months ago. Honestly I was too embarrassed to weigh myself.

I went from this in May '12:

Its not a very flattering pic, but this is the only pic I have of 2012. I was so tired of being fat I didn't want any pictures taken!

to this by June 13:

Yup! All bundled up in Swiss! I have lost a bit more weight since this picture was taken :-)

I did initially start the diet just for pure weight loss. I really didn't care about anything else. But over time I have reaped benefits otherwise. My skin, hair, nails are much better than a year ago. I have had one pimple in the entire year. This compared to when acne was a monthly visitor for me. My BP issues & other blood work is, now, clean as a whistle.

This diet does not work only because it cuts out processed food. I eat out almost 2-3 times a week, but as per my diet. The diet works because at the hormonal level it restricts carbohydrates and it eliminates grains & sugar that are toxic to our system.

I also understand that not everyone would like to follow such a lifestyle. That’s okay. It is your life & I think everyone has the right to follow their own path. But for those of you who are seeking a solution, this is what worked well for me.  You could look at it as advice. Think about it, read up on it and if convinced, try it out. But at the end it should be your decision, and not based on a cursory analysis by someone who hasn't even tried the diet. There are many roads to a destination, choose the one that appeals to you – Low Carb, Vegan, Low Fat or Rujuta Diwedikar’s diet plan. I have tried all 4, btw. Only one worked for me.

People ask me if there is anything in addition to the diet that helped me. I thought about it and was able to distill it down to the following, in addition to hard-work, determination & will-power. That you need to achieve any goal in life.

      1.   You want to be thin: This is the most important. And it may sound silly at first. Of course some may say, we want to be thin. But do you really? I never found being fat any fun. I felt insecure, judged, and hesitant to meet people or try out new things. A lot of my self-esteem was & is derived from how I look. There, I said it. As a beauty blogger, I will be the first to admit that I’m not completely blind to how my physicality impacts life, happiness & success. But there are some people who want to be bigger, deep down they want to be fat. Their size serves a purpose – generally emotional. Sometimes it a barrier they erect to avoid attention from others, one they can hide behind. Only you know your truth.
     2.   Educate yourself: Read up a lot on whatever diet you plan to follow. This knowledge will help you on the tricky portions of the diet – like when you have to eat outside. Know how food impacts your body.

     3. Throw out your weighing scale: Some women weigh themselves too much, quite obsessively in fact – one or two times a day. I think that is just so much mental stress. Weigh yourself at max once a week. I weigh myself once a month. My last weigh-in last over 3 weeks ago. There are a lot more parameters to fitness – your skin, hair, monthly cycles, blood works (Iron levels, BP, Sugar, Cholesterol) emotional and mental health amongst others. Be responsive to those as well. No point losing weight if you are gonna look like a old hag at the end of it with lined skin & no chums.
      4. Prepare: for the change. It could be as simple as giving away food that is no longer appropriate to even those moments of frustration when the goal seems like a distant dream. At times you will feel sad about how people treat you differently now that you look thinner; the amount of thin privilege that operates in our society is actually repulsive.

     5. Track your success & share it with others: Use the measuring tape, the fit of your clothes, your fitness levels, emotional & mental health to track your success. And share it with friends. Not everyone may encourage you but some will. And that helps. If you are shy then just save the pics on your system & encourage yourself by leafing & marveling at the change.

6. Faith: How long did it take you pile on all the weight? For me it was a 6 year long journey, how logical is it for me to expect to lose it all in 6 months?  It is much easier to put on weight than lose it. Stay with your plan, do not expect overnight success. And don’t get depressed if the progress is not “fast” enough for you. Quick Fix solutions are just that, temporary. 

     Good luck with your health goals!


  1. more power to you girl!the most difficult thing in life is to change's a true accomplishment Tanveer.

  2. really happy for you. you always looked beautiful, but now you also look confident.

    1. Thank you! Yes, you are right, I'm feel confident now in my skin.

  3. I could really relate to this list Tanz... specially the first point. for a long time, being overweight didnt bother me. But then something changed and it started to... only once that happened did i get motivated to try anything... and the going has been tough for me... very often, i almost gave up... i am not as strict as you are and have my occasional cheat meals... :) but the results are coming in now and am happy!

    1. Congrats Anks! I am glad you stuck with it and are seeing results. :) It really all comes down to how badly you want it & it always helps if people motivate & encourage you!

  4. I wish I could really follow this diet but being a vegetarian it really gets difficult to avoid grains and pulses :(
    thank you for sharing your journey and experience with all of is very inspiring!

    1. Yes, the diet is a bit tough for vegetarians.. and thank you! :)

  5. Your achievement is amazing!!!!!! I have started to read Gary Taube's "Why we get fat" just because of you. I want to loose so badly and for that you are such a great role model! Thank you so much for sharing your success.

    Thiya from Desi and the City

    1. Awww! I hope you are finding the book a good read. I was amazed at the insights in the book & how we had been mislead by nutritional sciences. Thank you for reading & good luck!

  6. oh my God, Tanveer, Congratulations!!! this is amazing. Even i am following a vegetarian diet, is it possible to mail you for some tips :)

    1. Thanks Coral! And yes, of course, write to me! :D

  7. Hey!

    I have been following your blog for more than a year now...When I read the first blog in the weight loss series, I was like what?!! Is it even possible to eat like that?!! I tried it in Feb itself but failed miserably. I couldn't control my cravings. And I was left more depressed than ever. I'd read up a lot on the topic though. As I continued to read, the more I was convinced. I started the diet once again with a vengeance during last week of June....As of now, I have lost 7kgs. There is a lot looot more to go...but somehow I am more confident this time around.....Even my clothes have started to loosen up a little. I can't thank you enough!
    You've have literally changed my life!! Thanks a are such an inspiration! Hope a year from nowI can boast of a figure like yours! :)

    1. I am happy you explored, read & then re-did the diet. That is the best way to start this diet - after understanding the Hows & Whys.

      Congrats on your weight loss! I am sure you will be your goal weight very soon! Good luck!

  8. hi Tanveer,

    i have been researching on your diet . i just wanted to know if you have been taking the supplements that you mentioned ever since. The thing is i tried your diet but my whole family is against the idea. so i am trying to read as much as i can before i can make the final proposal to my husband . i trust that he will atleast support me if i can prove him that this is safe for me. he is scared. :(

    1. Hey Harvinder!

      I didn't carry the supplements with me when I went to Europe & kind of fell out of the habit of taking them. So yes, I did take the supplements almost throughout the year, except for the last 3 months.

      It is always difficult to bring any major change in our life if those close to us don't support us. Difficult but not impossible. It will really depend on you.

      I am not in a position to suggest what you can do - other than read up more - especially this book called Protein Power. It is written by two doctors (MDs) who explain how this diet impacts our body. Hopefully that might give you some more data to prove the "safety" aspect. Good luck!

  9. you know what i like about is that you are so sensible and so polite when you answer. I have asked questions in another blogs. people reply in a way that is a little short of being categorized as a rebuke. no doubt i like to come back to your blog no matter what ya

    1. Thank you so much! I always love to read words of appreciation and thank you for reading the blog :)

  10. Hi Tanz...I think my comment got missed ...Like i always say you look just smashing and so happy now. Infact you are the one who brought the concept of paleo/wheat belly in India.

    I was wondering if you can do a post on your diet when you went for holiday..It will be quite a help

    1. Oops, sorry Anks! I guess it went in spam.

      Thank you for the beautiful compliment! Yes I am very happy now. I had not really thought how much my weight gain was affecting me emotionally. But it actually made me feel very insecure, and I always felt that people were judging me negatively because of that.

      I will definitely do a post on holiday diet. TBH I cheated a lil bit, but still managed to lose weight. Thanks for the suggestion! :D

  11. Hi Tanveer, I absolutely love your blog and your way of writing! Congratulations on your weight loss---as someone who is struggling with her own weight I know how hard you must have worked at it. I have a question I hope you don't mind answering. I need to lose about 40-45 kgs but I am really worried about loose skin (I am in my mid 30s) ---- did you ever find that to be an issue during your weight loss journey.

    1. Sarah! I've answered your query in a post. I hope that helps! :)


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