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Guide to Inglot Cosmetics

Its been what, barely two years since Inglot exploded into the consciousness of the Indian beauty blogger, and has since then stolen their hearts thanks to their quality, freedom system & of course, prices. For those of you who are new to this Polish brand, below is a quick guide to stuff I like in their range, and of course, stuff I don't fancy.

Must try products: 

1. Inglot Nail Enamel (only flakies) - 202 to 205: I only have 203 at the moment which is this gorgeous blue - green aqua type flakie, but I cannot wait to lay my hands on the rest. Priced at Rs. 490/- they are a bit steep, but in my opinion totally worth the beautiful effect!

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadows

2. Inglot Freedom system eyeshadows: The colors, the different finishes, and most importantly the price compared to MAC make these a good deal. The only eyeshadow I have from MAC is from the Prolong Wear Range and obviously these don't last as long as that on my oily lids. But with a primer they do good. Try and get the square ones coz they have more product and are priced the same at Rs. 300/-.

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadows
3. Inglot AMC Matt Lip Pencil: I have 3 of these in red, berry and a neutral shade. That is how much I love these. Yes, they are drying, but since I wear them over MAC Prep + Prime Lip, I have never experienced any issue. I am a big fan of matt finishes (in lips, eyes & blushes) and actually like matt lip products as I feel they pack a lot more pigment - a must because of my pigmented lips. Costs Rs. 720/-

4. Inglot pigments: You wanna play with pigments but haven't the budget for the big daddies? Try the Inglot ones. I have one in gold (234) that looks good with Indian wear and lasts from morning to evening, fading very little.
Inglot Lash Curler, #203 flakie & #207 Holo Glitter

5. Inglot Plastic Eyelash curler: This one is only for those with a morbid fear of the eyelash curler. Despite blogging on beauty for more than 3 & 1/2 years, I have never been able to muster to guts to use the metal lash curler more than once. It just scares the bejeezus outta me. That metal mouth waiting to clamp over my delicate eyes - stuff of nightmares, I tell you. Thank goodness for this cute one that Inglot makes, it is black, made of plastic and doesn't look scary at all! It does an okay job, tbh. But then faced with the prospect of either this or no curling ever, I'd take this. Costs Rs. 250/-

Products that didn't impress me: 

Inglot Nail Enamel in #960
1. Inglot Nail Enamel (the regular range): Yes, they are the big 3 free and all that jazz, but 490 bucks for just a tiny 8 ml bottle of nail paint seems excessive to me.

2. Inglot soft precision pencil eyeliners: I have one in purple, and that scared me enough to never bother getting any more from this range. The one I have lacks pigmentation and just didn't impress me at all.

Inglot Freedom System Lipsticks

3. Inglot freedom system lip pans: There is nothing wrong with the product here, the quality is awesome & so is the color range. But just that having to apply it with a lip brush on rushed office mornings means that I barely use any of these. They are cumbersome to carry to office for touch-ups and Inglot doesn't provide a complimentary lip brush with them. My Body Shop one, doesn't fit and I have to carry that separately. Too much hassle.

To purchase: While Inglot has stand alone stores in Mumbai (Infinity - II Mall) and Delhi, they can also be purchased online from

I have purchased around 4-5 times from this site and never faced any major issues. Products have always arrived undamaged and generally within a week to ten days of placing the order. Another advantage of shopping from the site is that they have frequent sales (generally 20% to 30%) on Inglot, plus one need not buy the empty palette while purchasing refills (something the store staff seems to insist on). Their customer service is quite responsive, and always follow through to resolve any issues.

The only issue with shopping online has more to do with Inglot's weird nomenclature system - only numbers! It may be more efficient for them, but I find it very, very confusing. I think they can come up with names for their products very easily. In the store, it is still okay dealing with numbers, but online it is nightmare trying to remember what you have and what you don't. Also there are no descriptions of any of the shades or colors from Inglot. As a result, the last time I shopped from here, I bought a holo glitter instead of a flakie nail paint because the tiny CGI swatch was very confusing.

So what are your favorite products from Inglot?

PS: All opinions stated are my own. 


  1. this is such a great post. Thanks for this. I will be ordering some eyeshadows from the freedom system.

  2. I was going through a few days back, but was a little confused as to what to buy from Inglot....
    Now that have this guide..I am definitely gonna buy some stuff...particularly the eye shadows

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you found it useful! :)

  3. This is a lovely post Tanveer. I agree on the problem of the palettes, but then, for the price and the quality, I would not complain. Last time I got their lipstick which I just love!
    I am contemplating some sqare shadows. I really don;t understand why Inglot doesn't sell the shadows without the palettes. What's the point of refills then. I personally feel, if they did not have a stupid policy like that, the sale would go up even in the stores as well.

    1. Thanks Nivedita! :D.. Their quality is good and the refills are priced pretty decently. I agree with you about the palette policy they have in-store. I don't understand why they need to shove those over priced palettes as some kind of mandatory requirement.

  4. I've never stepped into an Inglot store- but next time at Infiniti, I will!

    1. Ha Ha! I hope you have a good experience with in the store :)

  5. Inglot has been my HG brand for past over 3.5 years and I love their quality,packaging,store layout,pricing and online shopping option. Only thing that puts me off is their empty palette pricing which is insanely high.Rest I'd happily be marooned on an island with my favorite Inglot goodies. I totally love this brand :D

    1. Ha Ha! yes, you do love this brand a lot if it is your island brand :)

  6. Great post Tanveer. I love INGLOT and feel that their quality is right up there with the big daddies. Thankfully its still within our budget.Hope they continue giving us some great stuff

  7. i was thinking of picking up their e/s from their store but was wondering if they sell refills without the palette..thanks for answering that one, Tanveer...if i have to buy the whole palette for one 300 bucks worth e/s, then i'd rather not buy..pathetic store policy!!

  8. i hate the store policy. i think i will go to the store one day and swatch and find what i need and buy everything online :D...i do not want that super high priced palette

    1. could you please review the eyelash culer?

    2. S&B: That's what a lot of us do I think, swatch in store & buy online :P..

      Yes, I'll review the curler soon :D

    3. Thanks dear...with wait for your review..u are very sweet

  9. hey tanz ... this is awesome post for readers who are still trying INGLOT stuff (include me as well ) and we surely believe in you and thats what analytic shows ...

    I was dyingggg to buy AMC matte lip pencil ever since i saw it in one of the videos by LISA ... but was little unsure ... after you posted this I ordered it right away even without any discount :D nor knowing your color reccos ..

    this is not to make you feel happy dear but my true reaction after reading the post :D
    I will be getting my pencil in a day or two and then I will share with you.... :D :D

    1. Awwwww! Rashmi! Thanks so much for the lovely words! They mean a lot to me. Now, I really hope you like the AMC Matt Lip Pencil as much as I do. *fingers crossed* :D

    2. i will loveeee it am sure :D :D picked the same one which LISA was wearing .... thank you for writing short and sweet reviews ... comes really handy when we need to pick something in hurry :D :D ...
      now that i have read this when there is sale i can pick nail paints na .. :D they are little costly especially when my nails are tooooo short

  10. Inglot should be happy that shopatmajorbrands is selling inglot.. and actually providing "freedom" to us ... we atleast have a choice :)

  11. Hi Tanveer,

    Came to your blog while blog hopping :D n I'm loving it that i did!! Wanted to know about Inglot so much and could'nt find anybody who has used the products. M getting married in march, was never into makeup, and moreover i wasn't very much keen to spend a fortune on the make up products, coz i really have no idea how long i ll be loving it to get decked up :D
    Thank you so much for this post ... m ordering few things online now, it was a pleasure reading you :)

    1. Thanks SAG! I'm glad you found the post useful :D.. Congrats on your marriage & wish you all the best :D

  12. Hey, this is an interesting articles to read. Great efforts put on this article about cosmetics online in India. Keep writing more about articles about beauty products. Cheers!!


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