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Nargis Fakhri's Makeup in Rockstar

I saw Rockstar around 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately I also lost my cell phone that day. But I still enjoyed watching the movie.

Ranbir has acted quite well, and Nargis, uhhh, looks very pretty, I shall say & leave it at that.

I quite liked her makeup in the movie, where she plays a fresh faced Kashmiri girl. In fact I have named it - Color without Texture Look.

That's coz she is wearing makeup in the movie, but all the products are such that it seems like she has no makeup on. The pink rosiness to her cheeks & that pinky brown tint to her lips has been done in a manner that it seems to exude from within her. But I'm pretty sure it does not.

I won't claim to know how exactly they went about recreating her exact look - but I can give you some tips to help you get close to it.

1. Avoid all products with any kind of shimmer. All glittery, shimmery, high shine liners, glosses, lipsticks are a no-go here. Avoid at all costs.

2. But you'll need a highlighter. A good non-shimmery one. At least it shouldn't be discernible shimmer.

3. Get your skin in place. Make sure the look is very dewy, with highlighting. No heavy powder or compact. I think one can either use Tinted Moisturisers with a good creamy concealer for this or else if you use powder, follow up with something like MAC Fix + to remove the power look. Primer is also a must for this look - it will help your foundation go on smoother & as a result you'll apply less of that.

4. Now that your skin is in place, go for a cream blush that is high on pigment. Matt blush, no shimmer, ok? I'd suggest NYX. Go for pink or peach - no muddy brown tones. Apply with a light hand. You just want a *slight* hint of color. Please don't overload your cheeks like how Kareena Kapoor does at times. It won't work in this look. You just want that natural rosiness that living in the hills in winters gives you.

5. For the eyes, I felt they went in for very neutral cream or eye tints or else matt eyeshadows in simple, neutral colors. They defined the crease and used a dark brown eyeshadow powder to line the upper eyes in a thin line, the lower waterline sported a white/skin colored eyeliner to give her a innocent, wide-eyed look, except during the initial college scenes where you can see her wearing a Kohl liner. Simple regular mascara completed her look. No shimmer was used, and the eye shadow colors were all very soft browns, pinks & greys.

6. Something was off with Fakhri's lips. I think she went in for some kind of plumping treatments as her lips were too puffy (like a blow-fish). In some scenes she is wearing a light berry tint on her lips (kinda like benefit - you can recreate that look by using Lakme 432 lipstick as a tint or else you can just use a berry tinted lip balm) and in others she has a pink-brown lip tint. Again no shimmer or uber-glassy looks. The point is to get the color on the lips in such a manner that there is no hint of texture of any lip product, like the creamy finish of a lipstick. They have used a clear gloss in certain sections of the movie to make the lips look more lush, esp in those scenes where she uses a pale pink lipstick.

Have you seen the movie? Did you like Nargis's look in it? Any tips to re-create it? Do Share!


  1. wow that's such an articulate article T! No, I haven't seen this movie, unfortunately. But she looks stunning, even though I find her features to be kind of manly and androgynous.

    1. Thanks Shivani! Yes, she has very different features compared to the current lot of actresses - maybe it is coz of her mixed heritage :)

  2. So I'm not the only one who thinks Nargis Fakhri got a lip job! BTW, when I want natural pink-ish lips, I apply whatever pink lip colours I have, and if they're too bright, I smudge them on a tissue. After a couple of smudges, lips look naturally pink!

    1. Her lips were too puffy to be natural :P

      Thanks for the pink lip tips :)

  3. suggestions for highlighter to get this look pls.

    1. Highlighter? Hmmm, try using Revlon Skin Lights lotion or else MAC Bare Study Paint Pot - applied with a light hand :)

  4. She looks nice & fresh faced, but I'm betting my money that a lot of makeup went on her face, anyways the makeup for camera /movies needs more work, heavy duty lighting actually alters how makeup eventually shows up on film.Plus its insane how much make is actually needed for 'The No Makeup Look'.Don't trust me watch Lisa Elridge's no makeup tutes. I fainted when I saw the product list! LOL

    1. I agree with you completely! Even I saw that video and I remember thinking if I'm gonna use this much makeup and take all this effort - I may might as well use brighter shades :P

  5. The entire time I was watching the flick I kept thinking what is the deal wid her lips!! :o
    But I did like her made-up-no-make-up was thr but many wld think it was not...I liked the style of it...Thnks for the tips!!!V useful!! :)

    1. I know, they are so puffed up. Glad you liked it Sims :D

  6. Wow! you have really nailed this look...good job!

  7. thts an awesome post Tanveer. I liked it how u've focused on each and every thing that could have contributed to this look. :) n yes i hv seen Rockstar n completely agree with your statement "Ranbir has acted quite well, and Nargis, uhhh, looks very pretty, I shall say & leave it at that." ;)

  8. wow..nice details..but one also need to have flawless skin in order to carry this look.Its sad that people with blemishes /acne or uneven skintone cant carry it so well.

    1. Actually even they can. There are plenty of videos online that help acne prone girls with foundation & concealer application. Trust me, if applied properly, they too can carry off this look with equal ease. So can girls who are darker than nargis - you just have to choose those shades that look most natural on you :D

  9. well i havent watch this movie but i saw her in songs and she looks gorgeous..

    Casual kurtis

  10. SHE IS AWESOME....................

  11. I enjoyed the movie! she is lovely!


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