Lavender Essential Oil - Uses

Other than Makeup, I also tend to dabble a lot in Aromatherapy. I have been doing this for a year or so, and it has now become a way of life for me. From treating cuts on the skin to bruises inflicted by day to day living on the soul, aromatherapy goes a long way.

I thought I would share the little I know with you guys, in case anyone among you is also interested in this aromatic world :-)

Let's start with Lavender - my first essential oil. I purchased this from Aroma Magic. (15 ml bottle cost Rs. 100 & can be used for 3 years from date of purchase)

The anti-spasmodic, analgesic nature of this oil helps in colic, irritable bowel syndrome as well as PMS, and menstrual cramps. It is also anti bacterial & anti - fungal & helps sort out skin and respiratory illnesses. Applied diluted in cold water it is a very useful compress for mild burns, and can be added to creams to treat inflammation, dermatitis, psoriasis & eczema. It is also useful to regulate oil production for both oily & dry skin. 

The energy of this oil is cool & dry, it corresponds to the elements of Fire (& wood). This is ruled by Virgo.

Psychological uses: Lavender has the ability to calm & stabilize the heart / emotional energy. This oil helps ease nervous tension, feelings of panic & hysteria. It helps release pent up energy, easing frustration & irritation (a given if you travel in Mumbai!) and unexpressed pent up emotion. This also promotes sleep, so don't sniff on this if you are driving - it might make you drowsy!!

This oil is also good if you are feeling oppressed and suffocated - by situations or other people. Also when there is emotional confusion - conflict of desire & duty. 

  • My favorite way to use this is to dab a drop or two on a small towel and lay it beside me just as I go to sleep. It helps me sleep better & I wake up more refreshed. 
  • Another way I incorporate this is via Yardley Lavender Deo - I love the smell of the deo & a whiff of that just as I leave for office puts me in a good mood. 
  • When using this for reliving nervous tension & agitation, mix 3 drops of this with 2 drops neroli & 1 drop bergamot. Vaporise this in a electric water bath / candle diffuser. 
  • In case you are tense & exhausted, mix 3 drops of clary sage, 2 drops cypress with a drop of lavender. Use in candle diffuser. 
  • To help release of compulsive behavior use lavender with cypress & neroli. 
  • Mixed with rose it helps relive anxious desperation. 
P.S: In case you don't have a electric / candle diffuser, a bowl of hot water will also do. In a narrow mouth cup - heat some hot water till it starts to boil, add your mixture of essential oils & place in a safe corner of the room for diffusion. 

Please note that in case of psychological uses, multiple uses may be needed over a period of days before benefit is seen, especially if the problem is chronic. The best time to use these in a electric / candle diffuser is just before bed time, when the mind starts to relax.

This is not intended as medical advice, for medicinal uses please consult a doctor prior to usage. Also never use this oil undiluted, and conduct a patch test before usage. 
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  1. Lavendar also helps with depression, I was an angsty teenager, so I know firsthand.

  2. hi tanveer
    from where will u gt aroma magic products. i'm in bangalore n ddnt find any retailer in bangalore in their website

  3. @parudude: Aroma magic prdts are sold at most beauty stores in mumbai.. they are quite easily available here :)

  4. liked the article..I am eyeing lavender oil from a long time..will get it :)

  5. Wow, yv tempted me to try out these essential not an aromatherapy person....but sometimes when im back from work i need something to calm me down and just relax me...might work..

  6. lovely post Tanz :D :D i have aroma magic's eucyl. one :D :D
    sorry dont know the spelling :(

  7. I think I might need this one :)
    Relieve all d tension n stress of mundane life!!!
    Great info!!!

  8. A few months ago, I had my first ever bout of acne (I am 22 and had great normal-to-dry skin until then) which just jolted me out of the lazy, skincare-free existence that I had carved out for myself. I did not want to run off to a dermatologist immediately and took to Google worship. I read scores of beauty blogs before stumbling upon yours and I've been reading it every chance that I get (please don't call Stalker Alert - I am mostly harmless). Not only have I cleaned up my face, I have also switched to a relatively chemical-free, more natural skincare. Oooh, and last week, my Masi (who is 55, diabetic yet has the effortlessly beautiful skin of a china doll and never compliments anyone on their skin) practically badgered me to tell her the "secret of my glowing skin". Ha! It was like the Devil asking a newly converted Nazi to share deviousness-filled tips with him.

    So, yeah, this is basically a long-winded comment from a crazed fan to say a big thank you for this blog. You're doing a great job here and I love the little 'Notes from the Universe' section in the corner too! Are you fan of 'The Secret' too?

  9. @Drenched: That is so sweet! Thks a lot girl! I am glad the blog helped you out.. It is very nice of you to leave such a nice comment, it made my day! :D... Thanks a lot :D.. For a change, I am speechless :D


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